5 ways to decorate your home for FREE

I get a lot of people saying to me “you must spend a lot of money on decorating your house” or “I can’t afford to decorate my house” and the truth is you don’t need to spend a lot of money if any to make your house feel more homey. I know Kmart is super cheap for homewares these days but it’s also nice to not have the same as your neighbour or everyone second person in Australia, it’s also nice to add more personal items to your home. I’m going to share my top 5 ways to decorate your home and they are all FREE.


  1. This is one of the most recent pieces that I put together for my coffee table. All you need is some nice glass jars or canisters, think Moccona jars or search your pantry you might have some stashed away waiting for fabulous project like this. If you don’t have any you can buy these ones from Ikea, Large costs $4 and the smaller one $1.50. Head down the beach and start collecting shells, the kids loved this part and every now and then they will have a fight over who collected what shell, honestly my kids will fight over anything.

You also use the jars for other things such as filling the bottom with sand and adding in an air plant, soaps and cotton buds for a bathroom or having one for your washing powder an another for wooden pegs in your laundry, the sky is the limit.

alahni_231alahni_230session 2_5

2. ¬†Driftwood is one of my obsessions, everyone thinks I am so weird when I come home from holidays at the beach with a bag full of driftwood, my husband just doesn’t get how cool it really is. I love to use it to decorate too, you can group together pieces to create a real abstract statement or use a chunky single piece on it’s own. One day when I’ve got a beautiful outdoor area I plan on making a driftwood succulent table decoration. So while your at the beach collecting shells for the jars keep an eye out for some nice pieces of driftwood.


Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 2.40.27 PM

Image from Bek Halliday


3. You have probably noticed by now if you follow me on Instagram that I love to decorate with books, I have used material covered ones in the kids rooms on their bookshelves or I rip the front cover off and stack them up for a layered look on a coffee table or bookshelf. If you don’t have any old books lying around to use then head to the op shop, I have picked up some for free or have payed around 50c for them. Gumtree is another good place to find old books for free.

session 2_27bedroom_34

4. Ditch the $50 flower arrangements and head out to your garden (or the local park) to take some free clippings of greenery. I am so lucky to be surrounded by holiday houses that have great gardens that run wild, technically I am helping them out by trimming their bushes haha. Greenery tends to last a really long time too if you keep changing the water. I love to use big leaves from palm trees or gumtree leaves. Have a look around your place I am sure you find something you can use for a dining centre piece.


5. Work with what you’ve got. This one is very general but let me explain. Don’t think because you have it shoved in a cupboard means it shouldn’t be on display, things like cook books or magazines look great stacked up with a plant on top. For a kitchen shelf you could stack your dinner set up to create a statement or display some of your favourite kitchen pieces in a vignette. Trendy handbags or shoes can be used on display in your bedroom or on hooks at your front door and why not display them if you have spent all this money on them they deserve to be out on display. If you feel like a change or want to decorate a new part of your home take a look in your cupboards before you go and spend money or decorative pieces.



Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 3.16.29 PM

Photo from Hutchinson house

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 3.22.05 PM

Photo from Honey and fizz

I hope you found this helpful and it inspires you to look around your surrounds first before you go and spend money on decorating your home. Imagine how much money gets spent each year on decorating your home but then imagine how much money gets wasted when you throw out that item in a years time when it’s no longer trendy or one of the kids have broken it. You’ll thank me later ūüôā


Have a great day.





Wooden Christmas Tree DIY

It wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t do a little DIY and this year I decided I’d have a change from my traditional tree and make a wooden one.


I decided the tree still needed to be quite big so I could fit all the presents from Santa underneath and something that will be easy to move from indoors to outdoors as I want to be able to put the tree in the back courtyard Christmas night when we have family over. I sketched up a little design and off to Bunnings I went with three kids and an unmotivated husband, he pretends he doesn’t like diy but secretly he does.


Most people would probably choose all the wood first but instead I went straight to Christmas lights section and found the perfect lights. I wanted them to be battery operated so I didn’t have to worry about power points and I wanted them to be white so they would blend in with the wood in the tree and of course Bunnings didn’t disappoint.




42mm x 18mm x 1200mm standard pine

1200 x 900 x 12mm sheet of plywood

1800mm x 16mm dowel

x 2 30mm long wood screws




  • Draw a 50cm circle on the plywood and cut it out using a Jig Saw and¬†attach 4 off cuts of the pine to the bottom of the base to stabilise the Christmas tree.
  • Draw a star approx 120mm and cut it out using a jig saw, this is the star for the top of the tree.
  • Using the two pieces of the pinewood, I cut them down to 900mm, these are the bottom two branch pieces for the tree. I repeated this step over and over going down by 100mm each time till I reached 10cm. I found it easiest to line these up on the ground starting with the largest at bottom and then the off-cut at the top and filling the gaps in between.
  • I then cut approx 50 42mm x 42mm pieces from the pine wood. These will be used as the trunk, the separating pieces in between each branch and the top piece of the wood.
  • Measure and mark the centre of each branch and separating pieces of wood – front and back.
  • Drill a 16mm hole in the centre of each piece of wood including the branches and the separating pieces (except for one where you only need to drill half way through which will be used for the base of the dowel), I drilled half way through on one side then turned it around and drilled the other side, this will prevent the wood from splitting.
  • Sand each piece of wood as well as the star and circle piece.
  • using the wood you only drilled a hole halfway through attach it to one end of the dowel using pva glue and a wood screw.
  • The next step is to attach the circle base with the dowel by drilling a 16mm hole through the centre of the plywood then slide dowel through the 16mm hole and attach it to the bottom 42mm x42mm with PVA wood glue.
  • Slide another separating pieces down the dowel and glue it to the top of base, let it set.
  • Once dry slide x8 separating pieces down the dowel.
  • Slide a 900mm branch down the dowel and then a separating piece, repeat this step till you reach the last 100mm piece. finish with a separating piece.
  • Before cutting the leftover dowel place the star in position and mark where you want to cut.
  • Attach the star to the top of the dowel using a wood screw. 

Hope this DIY motivates you to a little DIY this Christmas yourself.




Toilet Room Makeover Under $80


When we first moved into our house four and a half years ago we did a quick and cheap renovation on the toilet room and laundry to get us out of trouble. I never really had the time or the money to make it a space I really loved so I thought it’s time to change all that (I still don’t have the time or the money hence the super tight budget I set myself)


                                               AFTER                                          BEFORE

With our big exterior renovation happening really soon I didn’t want to spend much money or do anything major after all it’s not necessary to change it as everything is still in good condition. The space is very blah… no colour and really BROWN. I wanted to bring a bit of colour to the space so I did this with the splash back, I used vinyl stick on tiles over the top of the exciting tiles, it was so easy to cut and stick on and only cost me $22. The hardest part was choosing which design to go with, there are so many out there but I went with Moorish Tile No.3 in Azul ¬†from Quercus and co¬†I wouldn’t recommend these as a tile replacement or in a room with steam like a bathroom or laundry but they are certainly doing the job for me as a cheap makeover in my toilet area. You can also get stick on vinyl tiles from Quadros Style¬†and Home art stickers¬† but I decided to go with the Australian made ones (not to mention I am impatient and wanted them tomorrow)

The mirror had to go and instead of going with your tradition bevelled edge type one I went with something a bit more fun. The cane mirror is from Target and costs $30. I had purchased this a while ago with no real idea of where to put it and now I have found the perfect spot.


The third thing I changed was the handles on the vanity. It ties in nicely with the wood on the mirror and for $4.50ea from Bunnings it was a no brainer to change them. The Macrame pot hanger from Adairs was on sale at the time so I couldn’t resist, the hanging ivy adds some greenery to room and considering this room is so small the only option for a decorative piece is to hang it from the ceiling.


This makeover came to a total of $77 (including the mirror) which I think is a complete success. It shows you don’t have to spend a lot of money or nag your husband to change things for you, you can do it yourself.


Happy decorating.







My laundry renovation on a budget

alahni bedroom_85For me the laundry was somewhere I didn’t mind going budget when it came to our renovation because I am the only one who really goes in there….well i guess hubby occasionally steps foot in there looking for clean undies lol.

Like any renovation I’ve done I always start with looking around the room to see what I can keep and what needs replacing, in this case the flooring was ok as we replaced this when we first moved in and the rest had to go. The thing that really lacked in our old laundry was bench space and storage and as Shayna from The Block says ‘you can never have to much storage’ and as a mum of three kids with lots of dirty clothes I need storage and bench space for all that fun folding.



After a few weeks stalking gumtree I managed to get some cupboards that someone had purchased and intended on using in their kitchen but decided against it so they were brand new and an absolute steal. Before you think well how is that going to help with my laundry then I am happy to say the brand of the cupboards are Kaboodle from Bunnings and these are really affordable, we had to get a few extra cupboards to suit the layout of the laundry and I was surprised by how affordable they were and not to mention how good the quality is.

The next big thing in the renovation was choosing a bench top, stone was definitely out the question as it didn’t fit within the budget so I went on the hunt for something more affordable. After browsing Bunnings I found laminate that looked and felt just like real oak timber but with a much affordable price tag of just $129 for a 2.4mtr length. I loved how it really warmed up the space and added another contrast to the white cupboards and walls. The other good thing about laminate is that it easy to cut and install and you don’t need to pay a stonemason like you would if you had stone bench tops.

alahni bedroom_86session 2_5

After realising I hadn’t used my laundry tub in two years and the only time it got wet was to rinse out the dust I decided to ditch the tub, even though the plumbing was already there I decided that I’d prefer more bench space over a tub that never got used. This was another way I managed to save money, not only would you have to pay for a sink but the cost of the tap and plumber would also add up. You’re probably thinking “where do you soak your clothes?” well I don’t I just use spray on stain removers and I find they work better then soaking. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind but I am happy for now.

Because I had no sink I really didn’t need a splash back but for looks I used some leftover easycraft panels that I had from my bedroom redo. Aaron cut them to size and I painted them the same colour as the wall, I love the idea that one day I can paint them again to any colour I like. You can buy Easycraft panels from Bunnings and they come in different sizes with prices starting at around $26/ sheet.


DSC03687One of my most loved and most used thing in my laundry is my drying rail that is attached to the wall. If anyone watched hallway and laundry week on the block then this is the same as the one Ronnie and Georgia used. For a whole $20 you can get yourself one from Bunnings.

Add an Argave from the garden in a jug of water, a vase of flowers or an indoor plant, some cute baskets and large glass jars from Provincial Home full of pegs and washing powder (with Little label co labels) and your laundry is done.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or make it a major renovation to have a beautiful laundry, my advice is to plan your laundry and work out what things you want or don’t want in your laundry. To save on costs look into using prefabbed cupboards from places like Bunnings or Ikea and don’t be afraid to use laminate bench tops.

Happy renovating.








Gumtree – My favourite place to shop


Some people like to shop at Ikea, some people like to shop at Freedom but I LOVE to shop on¬†Gumtree. This may have something to do with the lack of funds available to spend on homewares and furniture (having three kids is bloody expensive) or the fact that I love a good bargain but whatever it is I can’t get enough. I’d say 60% of my furniture are bargains off gumtree and I have no shame about it. You have to be quick though because all the good stuff gets snapped up quickly, I am going to share some of my tips on how I get good bargains on Gumtree.

Before I get started I thought I’d share some of the things in my house that are gumtree finds.


By far my most favourite find and most asked about on Instagram is my kitchen stools, these were in perfect condition (and still are, I am surprised my kids haven’t trashed them) and I got them for $50 for ALL 4!! double high five they were located in the next suburb, I love it when that happens. Ohhh and can you see those vintage scales with the lemons on top in the background? it was from gumtree for $5, they are about 100 years old according to the lady I purchased them off, they were her grandmothers. I love to mix the old with the new.

session 2_3

After searching high and low for an ensemble bed with storage I found the perfect one on Ikea’s website, it was $450 which i was happily going to pay BUT before I did I thought I’d try gumtree and yep you guessed it I found one, it was 6 months old and only $150. I did have to travel 1.5hrs to get it but I was going to travel that far anyway to my nearest Ikea and it just so happened to be around the corner from Ikea so I still got to go for a browse.

alahni bedroom_48

Another find was my dining table, this one is still current in store at Early Settler¬†for $999 and i picked this up off gumtree for $250 which also included a jute mat which has found a new home in Hallie’s room.


For those who have been following me for a while now would know I did a bathroom renovation last year and the majority of the materials where from gumtree including this vanity. We had stored it for a while till we where ready to renovate but I am pretty sure I payed $50. We replaced the old bench top with a new DIY Oak top and purchased new basins. In this new bathroom I found the vanity, shower screen, tiles and stool all on gumtree, the total cost of the bathroom was under $5000 including a tiler to lay the tiles. I think I’ll do a blog post with more in depth information later down the track.


I have a real thing for bedside tables and love to swap them out every so often because I get bored, these ones I found on gumtree for $100 for the pair. They only just fitted in the space so I since sold them, that’s the beauty of buying things off gumtree you don’t have to keep something because you paid an arm and a leg for them you can sell them and move and loose next to nothing.

alahni bedroom_9

My last find I am going to share is Alahni’s new bed. It was $100 and originally a horrible cream colour, I painted it a beautiful deep pink because she requested a pink sparkly bed but I managed to get away with a pink bed and some fairy light… win!
So now you can see why i love to shop on gumtree.


Here are my top tips.


  • If you like something and want it never wait to get in contact with the seller do it straight away, chances are if you leave it you will miss out.


  • Don’t try to talk someone down on a price if the add has only been on gumtree for a short period, most people aren’t negotiable on prices if they are getting ¬†lot of interest. If you are trying to talk them down and someone else comes in and is willing to pay full price they will give you the flick pretty quick.


  • Weekends are the best time to be on gumtree which is also the time when most people are busiest, If we are travelling in the car or you have 5 mins to spare just jump on and have a browse.


  • When I look on gumtree I browse the whole category of ‘home and garden’ in the entire Newcastle area, I mainly do this because I never really have a particular item I am looking for I just look for bargains.


  • When you find something on gumtree and you are in contact with the seller i would recommend to say to the seller something along the lines of ¬†“when can I come over to take a look at your bedside tables” this way you aren’t committing to buying them rather you are checking them out. Sometimes things aren’t what they seem in photos so it’s always good to cover yourself if you get a nasty seller.


  • Always ask the seller questions if you need to, in particular “is the item in good condition” that way you aren’t travelling around town for something that needs a lot of work if you aren’t up for it.


Happy shopping!





Lunch and house tour of Lana’s forever home from Three Birds Renovations

three birds_30


I squealed with excitement when I received an invitation from¬†Connect Pr¬†to a tour and lunch of Lana’s forever home hosted by¬†Caroma. I have been a long time fan of the Three Birds Renovations¬†after discovering them on Instagram during their very first renovation. I HAD to go so a quick juggle of work and the kids meant I could attend.

After having a hectic morning of things not going quite right I finally jumped in my car and punched the address into my GPS¬†the trip was predicted to take¬†1hr 28 and the event started in 1hr 30 so the whole trip there was very nerve wracking I had no time to be nervous. I arrived 5 minutes early, I couldn’t have timed it any better.

The first impressions of the exterior was WOW so white and very Santorini. As I made my way up the driveway to the side deck I found the famous boganvillia I can see why Lana fought so hard to keep it. it’s beautiful.

three birds_36three birds_42


I was greeted by Lana, Bonnie and Erin with a champagne and some nibbles, as we were chatting I couldn’t help but notice how¬†serene this space was and to think it was once an unused area of the house.¬†The wide¬†Hardie Deck¬†decking¬†is something of my dreams, it made me really think about my upcoming deck renovation, is this something we can use on our deck?

three birds_321493611680933

I have watched all the¬†Three birds Tv Series¬†so I know how Lana has a thing about shoes in the house so before we stepped a foot inside¬†the shoes were off. I didn’t mind, I would have kicked off a pair Jimmy Choo’s to get in that door. The massive beaded pendant from Klay Life¬†slapped me in the face ( in a good way ) as soon as I entered Lana’s house, far out that thing is huge and soooo perfect for the massive void.

three birds_24

As my eye’s wondered around the room I couldn’t help but notice the “Butlers office” I¬†have never seen one before, How did Lana come up with this idea? maybe the next trend? This was also the talk around lunch. Erin said she would have had a butlers pantry, Bonnie said she would have a bigger laundry. Me i’m still unsure? Maybe just a bigger kitchen not that the kitchen is small or anything.



We had a tour of the house and plenty of opportunity’s to take photos and have a chat as we went through. Lana gave us a demo on the Luxaflex¬†silhouette shadings window covering ( NEED ) and the Caroma¬†rimless toilet, yes there is such a thing. Imagine how much time this will save cleaning.

three birdsthree birds_16

I love the detail in the cornice.

three birds_14

14912109675461489736459279three birds_20

We had to take a selfie of course.

01_LAUNDRY_016three birds_5

After the tour we had an amazing lunch out on the deck overlooking Lana’s pool and backyard. The girls spilled the beans on a few upcoming projects which ¬†I’m not going to share… you will have to wait.

three birds_28three birds_15

The day was amazing, the house is amazing and the Three birds girls are amazing. It is going to take quite a long time to get over the fact that i was actually in Lana’s house and i met the girls behind the¬†Three Birds Renovations





Jake’s new bedroom


session 2_3

After putting it off for years I finally got over my fears and decided to create new bedrooms for my two eldest downstairs. I was a bit worried about them being by themselves down there but the whole sharing a room thing just wasn’t working anymore.

Jake’s bedroom was originally a kitchenette which was no use to us so we built¬†a wall to create a decent size bedroom. The next step was to¬†gyprock the walls, put new windows in, install carpet and¬†built in wardrobes. The room only gets filtered afternoon light so I¬†went with mirrored doors to bounce the light off and create more light.

session 2_11

Once the bedroom was built it was time to start the fun part decorating and choosing furniture. It was a must that it fit it into¬†the rest of my home –¬†“a little bit coastal with blues and timber”.

I chose to paint the walls two tone – the top half is Taubmans “miss universe” and the bottom half is “stormy shadow” and “silver mink” on the barn door that Aaron installed.

session 2_53

I had to think practical when it came to furniture choices. The room has two doors, an entry door and a door into the shared ensuite so this made things a little more challenging. For this reason we decided to design and build some of¬†the furniture, the bench seat in corner and waterfall desk was custom built by Aaron and of course designed by me, just call me Mark Tuckey…not lol.

session 2_6

Aaron made the desk using a bench top from¬†Bunnings¬†and attached it the wall using brackets, he made it look easy so easy. Jake loves to save all his drawings and pictures of cars etc so I created a pin board wall using a sheet of felt pin board¬†from bunnings and cut it to size. I decorated it with prints from¬†Yorke Lee ¬†and Happy Ella After¬†and an etched timber times table print¬†Foot Prints By Nature¬†. The chair is a gumtree find that i painted using Taubmans “blue lava”

session 2_42

For the bed I went with the ikea Mandal bed which is no longer available, it has four good size draws on the sides which¬†i have filled with lego and matchbox cars…this kid has a serious collection happening. To allow the draws to all open I used¬†H and G Designs¬†¬†suede leather bedside shelf, I am a huge fan of Hailey’s work so adding another piece to my home was a no brainer.

session 2_2

I think it’s the art and accessories that really make this room and I was lucky enough to have so many nice things given to me to include in the room.

Jane from¬†Pick a Pear Creative¬†designed and hand drew the whale prints, the detail in them is amazing. She kindly let me choose the colour of them to match the room, I couldn’t go past navy. After giving Jemma from¬†Jemma Calavassay¬†a brief description on the room design she was able to come up with a beautiful abstract piece, I love how it goes so well with all the other pieces in the room and looks a little bit like fish scales… don’t you think? The quirky “octobike” print from¬†Carley Brady¬†adds a bit fun and colour in the room, Jake thinks it’s¬†the coolest thing ever. To add a bit of texture and shape to the walls I chose to add a leather anchor from Lux Baby Love¬†with the words “ahoy” stamped into it.

session 2_34

Jake will be 7 this year so I still wanted it to feel like a kids room. The moon cushion from¬†Piccolo Studio¬†and pirate boat from¬†Charlie and Jae¬†add a bit of fun. There wasn’t much room for a bedside light so I chose to use¬†The Wall Collective¬†wall hooks with the¬†Ikea¬†light bulbs. The cotton bag from¬†The Native State¬†is perfect for Jake to throw his bits and pieces in.

session 2_24

session 2_27

The kids have so much fun playing with the alphabet board from¬†Alpha Board Co¬†i have a play every now and then too…

session 2_47

Let’s talk linen for a minute because this is probably my biggest addiction in life. I’m a real sucker for super soft linen so when i received a package from¬†Little Things Interiors¬†with a charcoal duvet cover i was in heaven, the jersey cotton is super soft. I almost stole it for myself. I teamed this with a¬†Peshies¬†¬†turkish towel throw, ¬†Cotton and Thread¬†button cushion and¬†Sew Loved¬†handmade doll.

I’m so happy with how Jake’s room turned out, Jake thinks it’s pretty special too. I’d love to hear what you think.






A little visit to High Swan Dive

I love discovering new shops around Newcastle and the Central Coast and when a friend made me aware of High Swan Dive I was all in for going to visit.

We started the day with coffee¬†and a little bite to eat at Salula Cafe¬†across the road from High Swan Dive on King Street Newcastle. You can’t shop on an empty stomach so if you decide to take a trip to visit the shop Suluna Cafe is a must beforehand.

The weather that day was so strange, we witnessed torrential rain, hail and sunshine all within 3hrs. Of course it rained as we decided to cross the road but nothing was stopping us from shopping.


From the moment I laid my eyes on the shop i fell in love….indoor plants are my thing! I have to work hard on keeping them alive but I am getting better.



The amount of amazing indoor plants was a little overwhelming, some I had only ever seen in magazines so it was nice to see them in real life. I love the range of pots, vases and handmade ceramics on show too, next time i visit i will be going child free so I can have a better look. I don’t normally take my little angel to places like this but I had no choice this day and a little bit of Elsa on you tube will entertain her for hours.




I wanted to buy the whole store but of course I couldn’t because they wouldn’t fit in the car haha.¬†I eventually decided on three plants – Epipremnum gold and Epipremnum Aureum (ivy) and¬†Calathea¬†I had a few spots I needed to fill so I had to¬†make sure they were going to be ok in these spots. The ivy was going in hanging macrame hangers at my front door where it doesn’t get much light so Sophie¬†advised these were going to grow well. The Calathea was going in my lounge room with a little bit of filtered light so it was prefect for this spot.



My new babies are settling in nicely and i am so happy with how they look in their new homes.

If you are visiting Newcastle or are a local i strongly recommend a visit, make a day of it with a visit to local cafes on King Street or just drop in for a look around you won’t be disappointed. Sophie is very helpful with care instructions because if your anything like me you need a little help in this department.


High Swan Dive is located at 178 King Street Newcastle NSW

Open Tuesday to Friday 10 Р5 and Saturday 11 Р3



DIY Cuttlefish Wall Decoration

I have been eyeing off these cuttle fish and driftwood wall decoration for so long but never had a spare $300- $400 to spend on one so i decided i’d make my own.


I thought yes this will be easy i live close to the beach so i’ll go there one afternoon and collect around 20-30 cuttlefish and i’ll be set. I spent 1hr at the beach and found…. one flimsy mini teeny tiny piece!! I was not happy, i imagined where i could put it – i even imagined having several around my home. ¬†Weeks later a friend told me you can actually get them online so i jumped on and ordered them from Five Chicks Discount¬†on eBay. They arrived¬†within a few days so typical me I dropped everything I was doing that day and got straight to it….housework can wait.

I had no idea how i was going to create this because I couldn’t find a tutorial anywhere (hence why i am sharing this with you all) but it came out ok, i think?



  • A roll of strong¬†wire
  • 1kg bag of cuttlefish (more than enough to make a big one )
  • wooden beads
  • Driftwood broken into 10 – 25cm bits
  • Sea sponge
  • Silver wire coat hanger
  • Drill¬†




  1. I started by breaking up the driftwood into 10 – 25cm pieces, i only found a few bits of small driftwood so i broke the long bits into smaller bits.
  2. Drill a hole into the middle of the driftwood making sure the hole is big enough for the wire to feed through.
  3. Drill a hole into the middle of the cuttlefish, i drilled from the soft side because it was easier to do.
  4. Cut the wire to the size you want the wall hanging to be. Mine is approximately 1mtr in diameter but because the wire i had already was quite soft and bendy i decided to use two pieces and twined them together. If you have to purchase this i’d make sure your wire is quite strong and not to easy to bend.
  5. Now that you have everything ready it’s time to make a display on the ground of the order you want the cuttlefish, driftwood, beads and sea sponge to be. I started in the middle with some longer bits of driftwood working my¬†way into smaller pieces but this part is totally up to you.
  6. Once you are happy with how it looks on the ground start to feed the pieces onto your wire starting from one end working your way to the other.
  7. Twine each end to one another, i like the rustic shabby look of the wire so i made mine a little rustic looking.
  8. Depending on the strength of your wire this is where you may need to use a wire coat hanger. I found mine wouldn’t hold it’s oval shape it all just flopped into the centre which i didn’t want so i unraveled the coat hanger and bent it into an oval shape. I inserted the wire into the top bead on each end then wrapped the wire around coat hanger to hold everything into shape.
  9. Hang on the wall then stand back to admire your creation. High five….


I hope you find this DIY to be as easy and fun as i did.


Have a great day.

Anna. x




Another Christmas has crept up on us again and it’s time to decorate the house and get into the Christmas spirit.

This year has been hectic with Jake starting school, me starting a new job and all the other craziness that comes along with three kids, so our tree went up a little later than normal. The kids didn’t let me forget though and loved helping to make some new decorations and the tree look pretty.


This year I went with a whole new look, I wanted everything to be natural and raw to go with the coastal look I have throughout the house. So off to pinterest I went, I found lots of cool ideas and had big plans to do a million DIY’s, but the closest I got was wooden log decorations which I have included instructions below on how I did it.

The only thing I had to buy for the new look was the hessian bows which I picked up from a discount shop, and the rest I had lying around. The tree consists off pinecones, starfish, feathers, wooden log decorations, wooden shapes and hessian bows. I spent a total of $10….bargain.


One thing I found super difficult was putting the tree into a basket, is there a trick to this? I have been wrestling with the tree since putting it up, then Aaron came to the rescue today with a solution, not sure if it’s 100% perfect but it will do for this year.



DIY Log Decorations.

These are simple to make and take no time at all.


What you need:

– wooden logs around 7cm in diameter

– string

– drill

– sander

– drop saw

– paint pen

How to:

Cut the log into 1.5cm pieces, you will get a few out of each log depending on the size of it.

Drill each decoration at the top to create a whole for the string to loop through.

Feed the string through the hole and tie a knot at the base of the decoration and another knot at the top to create a loop, this helps them to hang more straight.

Using a paint pen draw on your image or word I did snowflakes, trees, noel, love, merry, joy, snowmen and my kids initials.

A follower on instagram had a great idea of using the trunk of her tree once Christmas is over, I think this is a great idea, you could start a collection over the years.


Now that the house is ready for Christmas it looks like Santa better finish off the shopping, although I am pretty proud of myself getting the majority of it done already. How’s your Christmas shopping going?


Merry Christmas from the Moore’s